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While a personal injury can bring your life to a standstill, proceeding with your personal injury will add up to the stress. It is only in exasperating situations like this, you need to identify people best qualified to assist you. Do not be disheartened with your personal injury claims. Personal injury lawyers in VA are highly knowledgeable and will strive to provide you with perfect solutions for your personal injury claims.

Clients often consult the personal injury lawyers of Hampton, VA at The Law Offices of SRIS, P.C. for their personal injury claims. Our personal injury lawyers are well-acquainted with the procedure to file for personal injury claims and will guide you through the process. Doing away with the uncertainties of your personal injury claim is our job. You will find yourself looking at your case with confidence after retaining the personal injury lawyers of Hampton, VA.


Every individual is expected to diligently discharge the duty of exercising reasonable caution. If there is a slight deviation in performing one’s obligations; accidents or loss of life and property damage are inevitable. The loss caused by accidents can either be simple or serious wounds or even death in worse cases.

If you are faced with a personal injury, seek expert assistance from knowledgeable personal injury lawyers at The Law Offices of SRIS, P.C., Hampton, VA. On seeking their help, you will see yourself looking at your case with renewed confidence as you are no longer alone in the battle. With excellent personal injury lawyers in Hampton, VA by your side, you gain confidence.

The most challenging aspect of personal injury claims is the financial crippling caused by the inability to start work. The victim, who is already suffering from terrible pain, is also burdened with huge medical bills, thus worsening his situation. A sudden personal injury also stirs up low self-confidence, a strong sense of guilt, and self-criticism.

During these testing times, a personal injury lawyer in Hampton, VA will tell you it is important to put up a bold fight. Do not be doomed by the negative factors caused due to the unfair situation. A skilled personal injury lawyer in Hampton, VA not only proceeds with your claim but also counsels you about the importance of accepting your current situation.


There is always a way out to every problem, and the secret of liberating yourself from the emotional suffering associated with a personal injury is to have that ‘will’ to find a solution. When the personal injury lawyer in Hampton, VA informs you, that you indeed have a claim, you have found the solution!!

Discuss your case in detail with our personal damage lawyers in Hampton Roads, VA. You will be overwhelmed to know that your compensation will cover the physical, emotional, and financial distress suffered by you.

Only experienced personal injury lawyers have the patience and skill to make the claimants understand how they have arrived at the value of the compensation. We, the Personal Injury Lawyers in Hampton, VA at the Law Offices of SRIS P.C. go that extra mile to make our clients understand how the value of the claim was arrived at. Our lawyers also explain to our client the possibilities of negotiating and being awarded amounts higher than the claim value.


Are you aware of the concepts of general negligence and contributory negligence in personal injury claims in Hampton, VA?

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More often, our VA clients have admitted to us that the lack of knowledge of these matters has discouraged them from proceeding with their personal injury claim in the Hampton, VA court.

If you too have been thinking about your personal injury claim, don’t hesitate to take the assistance of a Personal Injury Lawyer, Hampton, VA to know your rights and to file a compensation claim. Any Personal Injury Lawyer of Hampton, VA would apprise you that your claim is valid if you have sufficient proof that the suffering has been caused by the negligence of the other party.

The deciding factor in general negligence cases in Hampton, VA is whether the breach of reasonable care has indeed been breached. The Personal Injury Lawyers in Hampton, VA at the Law Offices of SRIS P.C., equipped with years of practice, have been winning personal injury claims; therefore, can easily establish your case. The key in these kinds of cases is to pin down the other party with proof of carelessness.

The Virginia Rule of ‘contributory negligence’ clearly states that the aggrieved party can have the right to be indemnified only when the other party is at fault for the accident caused. In Hampton, VA, when both the victim and the other party are at fault, the injured party cannot expect to be indemnified.

To get acquainted with how the courts look at the burden of proof in such accident claims, speak to the personal injury lawyers practicing in Hampton, VA. A thorough analysis of the facts and circumstances of your case by proficient Personal Injury Lawyer in Hampton Roads, VA will enhance the possibilities of success.


Is worrying about your claim in Hampton, VA making life unpleasant?

Relax!! You need not deal with this challenging situation all by yourself. The Personal Injury Lawyers in Hampton, VA at the Law Office of SRIS P.C. will be with you at every single stage of your case. By making that phone call to our lawyers practicing in Hampton, VA, you have entrusted your case in the right hands. Know about different situations that give rise to claims as follows,

  • BURNS – A lawyer in Hampton, VA will apprise you that burns usually occur at the fault of the other or some defective products. Motor vehicles, construction accidents, defective products are some of the examples causing burn injuries. Victims are treated based on the intensity of the burns which are classified into levels of damage ranging from First degree to the fourth degree.
  • INTERNAL DAMAGE – These kinds of wounds are not visible but may lead to serious internal abrasion. It is important to seek the help of a medical practitioner to investigate the kind of pain and get it treated immediately to avoid other serious consequences.
  • FRACTURES – It can be highly painful and can take a prolonged period to heal and might get complicated by infections, nerve damage, etc. Lawyers in Hampton, VA, known for representing clients who have suffered fractures, will advise you to preserve all your medical reports.
  • AUTO AND TRUCK ACCIDENTS – Every driver must take reasonable care while driving and reduce damages to the public while on road. Consult Personal Injury Lawyers in Hampton, VA to litigate your accident claim that has arisen due to auto or truck accident.
  • CATASTROPHIC DAMAGE – This is related to severe pain and suffering that have the potential to cause a disastrous impact on the lives of victims. Motor vehicle accidents, animal attacks, defective products, medical malpractice are few cases handled by Lawyers in Hampton, VA.
  • FOOD POISONING – This is a frequent event in Hampton, VA, resulting from contamination owing to negligence in handling, preparing, and preserving food products. Identifying the source of contamination can be challenging. But nothing is impossible when you hire the best-reputed lawyer. The lawyers in Hampton, VA know how such cases are handled and immediately hire experts to analyze the source of contamination.
  • DANGEROUS DRUGS – Strict laws are in force in Hampton, VA to restrain the hazardous products from reaching the consumers, but somehow they tend to reach the market. Harm is caused due to the consumption of a prescribed drug/cosmetic product for a long period. Consumers continue taking the drug with the innocent belief that it is safe for usage. A failure on part of the manufacturer to warn about the side effects is also a valid claim. The victims have the right to take legal action with help from lawyers in Hampton, VA.
  • PEDESTRIAN ACCIDENTS – In the state of Virginia, the roads are not safe to the pedestrians though several measures have been taken by the authorities. Lawyers in Hampton, VA believe that most of the pedestrian accidents occur at the intersections and on roads with no sidewalks.
  • PREMISES LIABILITY – Accidents occurring as a result of failure on part of the property owners to exercise reasonable care to ensure their premises is safe for the visitors can face premises liability. Claims arising due to slip and fall accidents caused by slippery surfaces or loose stairs and handrails are represented by lawyers from Hampton, VA.
  • WRONGFUL DEATH – It takes the proficient Lawyers of Hampton, VA to help the family of the victim to seek the rightful amount of compensation for the loss of life of the victim on the account of wrongful or negligent acts of the other.
  • MEDICAL MALPRACTICES – Medical malpractice occurs when a hospital doctor or a health care professional, through a negligent act or omission, causes harm to a patient.

Are you or your loved one a victim of any of the above-mentioned harm due to the fault of the other party? Contact us immediately!! The Personal Injury Lawyers of The Law Offices of SRIS, P.C. will guarantee the maximum compensation award for your case.


If you are injured owing to the negligence of the other, consult the Personal Injury Lawyers in Hampton, VA. Do not forget to take your medical records with you during your initial consultation with the lawyer. You will be surprised to know that medical treatment is strong evidence to hold the other party responsible for negligence and to claim the maximum compensation in Hampton, VA.

Contact the right attorney to be sufficiently compensated for your physical pains, mental anguish, loss of job and all the dreadful experiences you and your family have been compelled to endure

Our Personal Injury Lawyers at the Office of SRIS P.C. understand your suffering and how it is to withstand the loss of loved ones or witness your loved ones being injured! Our Lawyers at Hampton Roads, VA will passionately represent your case and will work efficiently towards claiming maximum compensation for the loss you have suffered.


As per the Statute Of Limitations in Virginia, a victim to the personal injury can file a claim within two years from the time of such accident. Most claimants in Hampton, VA are unaware that they lose the right to proceed if the claim is not filed on time.

Frustration and anguish are common among the victims like you. You do not have to grieve alone, as the Personal Injury Lawyers in Hampton, VA at The Law Office of SRIS, P.C. will stand with you in these tough and challenging times.

You will be glad and excited to know that the personal injury lawyers at the Law Offices of SRIS P.C who handle personal injury cases in Hampton, VA have worked aggressively to help clients obtain the maximum compensation for the damages. Our lawyers are keen on proving you have retained the best.


Speak to our Personal Injury Lawyers of Hampton, VA about your claim. Knowledge about what makes up your compensation claim is important to ensure that the maximum compensation is sought. Compensation claims vary from case to case, depending on the facts and circumstances of the case.

Generally, compensation is claimable for the following:

  • Cost of medical treatment
  • Loss of income involving the period during which the injured is unable to resume work
  • Property damages
  • Impact of the accident on the victim’s quality of life
  • Suffering
  • Punitive damages

Do not be scared by the complex nature of your claim or the reputation of the other party or the sophisticated lawyers hired by the other side. The personal injury lawyers at The Law Offices of SRIS, P.C. work vigorously and present your case in the most favorable manner. Our lawyers are well connected and proficient in expert testimony matters and will ensure that the best experts present evidence in your favor.


The Personal Injury Lawyers in Hampton, VA at the Law Offices of SRIS P.C. are genuinely concerned with your case and put enormous efforts to protect your rights and to obtain the maximum possible compensation.


  • Prove beyond doubt that the accident/harm happened solely due to the fault of the other party
  • Concretely establish the fact that if the other party had not been negligent, the harm would never have occurred
  • Vigorously lay down in loud and clear terms the extent of pain you have suffered
  • Seek the maximum amount of insurance claim, including the at-fault party’s insurance


Our Personal Injury Lawyers in Hampton Roads, VA at the Law Offices of SRIS P.C. provide you accurate legal advice and guide you in the process of seeking compensation for the damages and assist you in the following manner:

  • A thorough analysis of your case is made during the initial consultation with our reputed Personal Injury Lawyers, Hampton, VA.
  • Our immensely knowledgeable personal injury lawyers in Hampton, VA waste no time in apprising you with the legal provisions relevant to your claim.
  • Persuasive representation of your claim in courts by our Personal Injury Lawyers, Hampton, VA enhances the probability of winning your claim.
  • Our Personal Injury Lawyers in Hampton, VA make an accurate determination of the amount of compensation to be claimed.
  • Our Hampton, VA lawyers work systematically to arrive at the amount of the claim by relying on relevant documents, records, reports, witnesses, photographs, etc.
  • On engaging our Personal Injury Lawyers, Hampton, VA, you find that every task associated with your claim is performed by them with utmost dedication. Even simple tasks like issuing demand letters to the insurance companies are done with perfection.
  • Our Personal Injury Lawyers in Hampton, VA take all steps to ensure that you are promptly informed about all improvements in your claim.
  • Succeeding in clients’ claims is the priority for our personal injury lawyers in Hampton, VA and you will be glad you hired them after witnessing their devotion to your case.
  • What makes our Personal Injury Lawyers in Hampton, VA different from the rest is their ability to place themselves in your shoes. This leads to an increase in their grit to win your case.
  • Maintaining confidentiality of clients’ information has been the primary focus of the personal injury lawyers in Hampton, VA.

Make that life-altering phone call!! Put an end to the suffering you have endured for no fault of yours and contact our personal injury lawyers of The Law Offices of SRIS, P.C. immediately to help your with your personal injury case in Hampton. Do not delay.